Hand Sew Felt Tutorial - French Knots

Sunday, October 5, 2008

French Knots are usually use to define details and outline shapes..

Here's how you sew French Knots.

Insert the needle from the back to the front.

Pull out the needle.

Put the needle on the fabric close to where the thread is.

Make a loop of the thread over the needle.

Make another loop. (total 2 loops).

Pull the thread tight.

Hold down the thread with your thumb so that the thread (loops) will not come loose.

Pull the needle out.

You have a knot.

Then insert the needle through the fabric as close to the knot as possible.

And come out from the next point where you want another knot.

Repeat the steps same again and sew as many knots as you require.


Some of my projects using french knots include:-

Felt Christmas Tree Cookies.

Felt Oreo Cookie Ice-Cream.

Felt Strawberries.

Felt Zucchini.

Felt Fast Food Set.


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